Frequently Asked Questions
Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Who or what is The Corporate Event?
    The Corporate Event is a media and research company. We do media and market research and organize awards and big corporate events.
  2. Where are you located?We located in BangaloreIndia.
  3. Why do you organize award events?
    The purpose of the award events is to recognize and promote small and medium sized businesses and individuals that are doing exemplary work in their line of businesses but are usually unable to promote due to lack of resources. It is our humble way to showcase these outstanding individuals and/or organizations to the world.
  4. What are the terms and conditions of your registration package(s)?Terms and conditions vary from event to event. Please speak to one of our coordinators if you have a specific query or concern. However, here are the general terms and conditions of our registration for all packages.

Terms and Conditions:
i. Cancellation of registration must be done within twenty-four (24) hours of booking.No cancellation or refund can be done after twenty-four (24) hours.
ii. PAN # must be provided. No exceptions.
iii. Registration package CANNOT be DOWNGRADED after the registration process has been completed.
iv. Participants MUST bring individual original ID and e-passes to the event.
v. Dress code for the events: Formal western wear/dress clothes like business suits, jackets, blouses, tops, and/or skirts are highly recommended.Absolutely NO shorts, overalls, breeches, sleeveless blouses/t-shirts/tops (like tank tops). Proper ethnic wear like “vesthi”, “kurtas”, etc. are also acceptable. “Lungis” and other informal ethnic wear are not acceptable. If have any quetions or concern about the dress code, please speak to one of our coordinators.
vi. Participants below twenty-one (21) years of age will not be allowed in casinos (in case there is one at a particular event) and also, the areas where alcohol will or maybe served.
vii. The right(s) to admission is strictly reserved by The Corporate Event and the venue authorities.
viii. Any and all disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Karnataka High Court. The decision of the Karnataka High Court will be final and binding on all the parties.

How do I and who can I nominate? Nominations, can be done directly through The Corporate Event official website. On the website, go to the “Nominations” page and click on it. On that page, fill in the necessary details and submit your response. However, if one is unable to nominate through the website (for some reason or the other!), he or she can reach Ashish @ ashish@thecorporateevent.in or @ +91 70111 97831 to request for a manual nomination form. Who can nominate? Anyone can nominate! There is/are NO prerequisite condition(s) or eligibility criterion/criteria to nominate, as long as one fills in all the necessary details in the nomination form. Can I do multiple nominations? You can do multiple nominations. However, the entities must be different. Duplicate nominations will be ignored. For example, you can nominate a single business organization or individual ten (10) times but it will still be considered as one (1) nomination for the organization or the individual. However, if you nominate ten different organizations or individuals, it would be considered as ten nominations, provided the organizations or the individuals HAVE NOT BEEN nominated already by somebody elseCan I nominate myself or my company? Yes of course! If you think you deserve to be recognized by your peers or by others, please go ahead and nominate yourself. Or your company/organization, for that matter. How much does it cost to nominate? Nomination is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a dime for nominations!

What is this registration all about?
Registration for the event means that you sign up for one of our promotion packages for the event. Depending on the event, registration packages prices/charges change. We usually have 3-4 different packages for the participants to suit their promotion requriements and budget constraints, if any. Please speak to one of our coordinators for more details or if you have a specific question or concern.

How much does registration cost?
Registration charges vary from event to event and also on the kind of promotion requirements of the participants. Please speak to one of our coordinators for more details.

Why are you charging for the awards?
We do not charge a dime for the awards. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the exemplary contributions of individuals and organizations, in their respective line of businesses. The registration charges are for branding, promotions, and copyrights. These cost a whole of lot of money and so, we divide/distribute the costs amongst the winners so that it becomes reasonable and affordable for each winner to go for an extensive promotion and branding of their product(s) and/or services.

Do you accept layaways or payment in installments?
We expect full upfront payment within twenty-four (24) hours on receipt of the invoice. However, we do understand, it might not always be possible to make the entire payment in one-go and so, we also accept half (50%) of the total payment within twenty-fours (24) hours and the remaining amount, within the next two (2) weeks from the date of receipt of the invoice. Please speak to one of our coordinators for more details.

Can I customize my registration package?
Customization of registration packages are highly discouraged. The reason being that the charges are based on market price with the best deal or value for money for the participants. However, if you still want to go for customization please speak to one of our coordinators for more details.

Where are the events usually held?
Events are held at different locations throughout India and at times, at different international locations. Please check with one of our coordinators for more venue specific details.

Does The Corporate Event provide/make travel and accommodation arrangements for the partcipants?
Yes, we do. However, those are complementary only with our platinum and silver packages. Our platinum packages include complementary two (2) economy class air-tickets and a two (2) days stay at a 3-star hotel or OYO rooms. Our silver package only includes two (2) economy class air-tickets. Extra tickets and accomodation arrangements cost extra. Please speak to one of our coordinators for more specific details.

Do you stick to the event date, chief/celebrity guest, and/or the venue? Or do you change them?
We try our best NOT to change any of those because for us such changes becomes a huge logistical challenge, or a nightmare, if you may call it so! However, sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, including but not limited to, force majeure, we are forced to change any or all of those mentioned in the question. For example, for our last event, Ms. Neha Sharma, our celebrity guest, quite unfortunately fel sick just prior to the event, and we had to request Ms. Chitrangada Singh grace our event. It takes a lot of planning and background work to organize an event! And no organizer would like to go for a change once things have been decided.

Do you organize events at international locations?
Yes of course!

When is an/are invoice(s) created?
Invoices are created when a participant verbally or through written communication (including but not limited to emails, text messages, and WhatsApp messages) agrees to sign up for a registration package.

How will I receive my invoice(s)?
We send invoice(s) through email as an Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) file. It is generated, and sent automatically to the participant’s (or billing entity’s) email address(es). Such invoice(s) can be printed by the participant(s) for record(s).

There is an(are) error(s) in the invoice. What should I do?
You should immediately contact The Corporate Event  and preferably, speak to one of the coordinators. Otherwise, you can write to accounts@thecorporateevent.in

Are the registration charges negotiable?
Registration charges are non-negotiable. However, we do allow customization of packages under certain circumstances depending on the promotion requirements of the winners. Please see the “Can I customize my registration package?” in the “Registration” section of this FAQ. Or you can also speak to one of our coordinators.

I want to cancel my registration. What should I do?
Any and all cancellations are subject solely to the discretion of The Corporate Event, and must be initiated within twenty-four (24) hours after signing up. After that, cancellation request(s) MAY NOT be entertained. Cancellation(s) must be proposed by an official email to accounts@thecorporateevent.in stating the reasons for cancellations.

How can I get a refund?
If you have cancelled your registration within the stipulated twenty-four (24) hour window, hundred percent (100%) or full refund will be made to your account. However, to initiate a refund you will have to send us an official email stating the reasons for cancellation and the bank account details.

How do I make a payment?
We accept all modes of payment—online, check, and cash. However, online method is preferred as it is easier and more convenient. You will find our bank details on the invoice(s) recieved by you.

The Corporate Event provides 24/7, 365 days customer support! If you have any issue or concern, please contact us immediately. We will try our best to resolve your query or concern to your complete satisfaction. You can reach us at support@thecorporateevent.in

I have some queries/issues that are not covered by this FAQ. What should I do?
You can send us your query(ies) through the Contact Us page on this website. Alternately, you can send us an email at support@thecorporateevent.in or info@thecorporateevent.in. We will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

What is the email address of The Corporate Event support team?
It can’t get any simpler! It is support@thecorporateevent.in.

For media related queries: It is media@thecorporateevent.in.
For general queries: It is info@thecorporateevent.in.
For payments, invoices and other related queries: It is accounts@thecorporateevent.in.

What is the phone # of The Corporate Event support desk?
Our Toll Free # is: 1800 313 37 37 37

What are the support window timings?
We provide 24/7, 365 days support! You can call us anytime, and any day you wish!

Do you have chat support?
At this time we don’t have a dedicated chat support team. However, you are free to WhatsApp or do normal texting to one of our coordinators. They would be delighted to assist you.

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